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Pet ID Tags REUNITE & SAVE Lives! started with the mission to help unify lost pets with their family and to save pet's lives. It continues to be our mission today because we truly believe that pet ID tags work and every pet should have one on them all the time. One of our own FPT Ambassador Cedar could have used an ID tag himself when he was only a few months old kitten. You can read all about his heart breaking story on their Ambassador page. 

As pet parents, we recognize the boring designs offered at big box retail stores and wanted to help bring more Fancy Pet Tag options to the market. After all, being safe does not have to be boring. We also realized early on that we can offer a lot more other fancy pet accessories and fancy pet products to promote our core mission of marketing Pet Tags while enhancing our furry friend's lives with great designs and quality products; hence, we have worked hard since to bring you and your four legged family Fancy pet products they will love.

At FancyPetTags, we are passionate about dogs and cats. Our suppliers and products are carefully hand-picked to ensure our customers and our "actual" consumer (your four legged family) will have the best possible product available to them at the best possible price; after all, we are dog & cat parents ourselves too!! 

Size does NOT matter. Recognizing and respecting all size and breeds of our four legged friends should be equal, we take that belief literally to our products we carry and treat ALL SIZES as equal; hence, our philosophy -


* * * QUALITY Products your Pets will LOVE with ONE LOW Standard price for ALL SIZES on ALL PRODUCTS, SITEWIDE * * *

We believe you should not be paying according to the size you need; rather, you should be charged only for the design, style and quality of the product. One may ask if we only charge one price, why would customers requiring a small size pay more? We realize that customers requiring XS may feel that they are paying more to average out the final price for other sizes. Rest assured, our low standard pricing structure is based on our philosophy to treat all pets equal; hence, unlike other retailers, we simply take a much lesser profit for the largest size (sometimes even at cost) so we can keep our prices at a low standard price for all sizes. At the end of the day, everything will balance out and we will be able to maintain a win-win situation for everyone.

Shop our collections of beautifully crafted FREE engraved Personalized dog / cat ID tags and our wide selection of Fancy Pet Accessories, Pet Necessities and Pet Supplies for dogs & cats. From pet tags to collars, leashes to harnesses, summer dresses to winter coats, cool breezy beds to warm cozy beds, Fancy carriers to Fancy pet costumes, Personalized bowls to Personalized storage boxes, we have all that you and your four legged family desires.


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