FancyPetTags (FPT) Ambassadors

Meet our own FPT Ambassadors & FPT customers too...

Cedar & Bailey


Cedar have a sobering heartbreaking story but a delightful happy ending. Cedar actually "found" us when he was only 8 weeks old. He was our "baby Jesus" from the Lord above as he came to us right before Christmas Day. Cedar found shelter in our garage the day before Christmas years ago. Hearing an unfamiliar noise of a cat's purr (which we didn't even realize at the time), we later found a scared, hungry and thirsty little kitten who will simply not go away after being fed and cared for.

As soon as Boxing Day rolled around, we took Cedar to the vet. All four of his little paws were badly frost bitten and took weeks to heal. He was weak and shivering and had to be bottle fed for the first few days. Thank goodness he found us when he did; otherwise, we cannot imagine what will happen to him. 

We tried to locate his family without any success. He did not have any collar or tag on him, nor was he micro-chipped (likely due to his young age). We had posters up, searched the area, asked around the neighborhood, but still could not figure out where he came from. We ended up rescuing and fostering him and he has been part of our pack ever since.

Cedar is a sweet loving cat that we trust on finding every single mosquito or fruit fly in the house and is the dearest "dog" cat you'll ever meet. He "barks" like a dog occasionally, picked up the habit from his older dog sister Bailey and loves tummy rub (go figure). Apparently, he also became quite big for a cat (and we thought all adult cats grows into his size until we saw our other friend's cat); as big or even a little bigger than a full size Yorkshire Terrier. 


Bailey is our first daughter and our "baby" who grew up with us throughout our marriage. She is a Yorkshire Terrier x Lasa Apso. Her Father is this darling little hyper Yorkshire while her Mother is a warm hearted long Lasa Apso (Tibetan guard dog). Raised by a loving part-time breeder, Bailey has been with us since 6 weeks old and turned out to be just like her Father as a Yorkshire but with the guard dog personality of her Mom. 

Bailey is the guardian of our pack. She witnessed the birth of our children and our fostering of Cedar. She was the part-time babysitter who always kept her eye on the babies of the house and is the "Big Sister" of both Cedar and our human children. You can count on Bailey to bark on the slightest cry and will insist that you attend to the matter right away. Bailey is our trusted daughter with huge personality but still shakes like a leaf at the sound of the first thunder.


'We are big influencers and 'paw users' of FancyPetTags (FPT) product as well. Though we cannot possibly test every single products we carry on FPT; yet all our products and suppliers are carefully 'paw picked' to reflect our taste and have our 'Paws of Approval' before the products go live on site. Always tastefully pawlicious, mindfully purrrfect and at barking prices'


Cedar and Bailey are both Family and Customers of FancyPetTags. Naturally, they wanted to have a part as founders of the business and so, they became our FPT Ambassadors; after all, they are part of the reason why FancyPetTags was started. Our love and passion for dogs and cats extends beyond our family. As pet parents to pet parents, ambassadors to paw pals, we wish to extend our best wishes and love from our family to yours.